Organizations use cloud services like AWS to be more agile and more profitable. This doesn’t stop them spending millions of dollars on cybersecurity, investing in network defense and end-point protection, hiring consultants, and purchasing threat intelligence reports.

But companies still get hacked, and still suffer data breaches and server compromises, often traceable to out-of-date software, either at the application level, or in the OS itself.

Few applications require a system reboot to update them. The Linux kernel is different. You can’t update it without stopping and restarting the server on which it’s running. Reboots are disruptive—unless you use LIVE PATCHING.

Our upcoming webinar will explain what live patching is, and why you need it if you’re using Linux on AWS EC2.

WEBINAR: “The Importance of Live Patching for Kernel Vulnerabilities”

DATE: Thursday, May 9, 2019.

TIME: 10:00 (PDT) / 13:00 (EDT)


Your hosts will be:

  • Igor Seletskiy, CEO, CloudLinux
  • Jamie Charleston, Senior Sales Engineer, KernelCare
  • Claudine Morales, AWS Partner Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services
  • Tariq Hasan, UNIX/Linux System Administrator, Affinity Water Ltd (UK)

Together, they’ll explain how live patching for Linux kernels works, how AWS applications and infrastructure benefit from it, and why live patching is a crucial component for systems that simply cannot go offline.

The session will last about an hour, including a 20 minute open Q&A with Claudine, Igor, and Jamie.

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