Why KernelCare is a better choice?

Ksplice is a technology that updates kernels with important security patches without the need to reboot. After its acquisition by Oracle, it is now offered as part of the Oracle Linux Premier Support.

KernelCare is distribution-agnostic and supports Oracle Linux kernels, as well as CentOS, Amazon Linux, CloudLinux OS, Debian, RedHat, Virtuozzo and many others, including Embedded Linux Distos.

Many customers come to us wanting to switch from legacy Ksplice to KernelCare. We provide our Clients with the automated way to migrate to KernelCare.

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KernelCare Benefits

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Different pricing packages & availability for the new clients

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KernelCare takes care of more than 30 Linux distributions and 3680 Linux Kernels

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We do not overcharge – prices start from $2.25 per server per month

Price and Features Comparison

Feature KernelCare Ksplice
Pricing $2.25 – $3.95
per server per month
$2,299 ($1,399)
per system per year
only as a part of Oracle Linux Premier (Limited) Support Subscription
Supported Distributions Oracle Linux
Amazon Linux
Virtuozzo/Open VZ
Custom Kernels and more
Oracle Linux
Fedora 25-27
Patchset Distribution Single patchset for all patches –
“atomic patches”
Each patch is represented
as a separate kernel module
Available for the new clients YES Only for Oracle Linux
Custom patching YES NO

How to switch from Ksplice in 2 steps:

Download and run this script:

wget https://downloads.kernelcare.com/ksplice2kcare

Run the command:

bash ksplice2kcare [YOUR KERNELCARE KEY]

If you are using IP based licenses, run:

bash ksplice2kcare IP

The script will check for two letters “IP”, and assume IP based license in this case.
The complete log file can be found at /var/log/ksplice2kcare.com

Full documentation is available here.

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