Automated kernel security updates for Amazon Linux 2 without reboots, forever

From $2.25 per server/mo

KernelCare is the first live patching service
for Amazon Linux 2

Keeping your Linux kernel fully up to date and safe from exploits is not just for mainstream Linux flavors. KernelCare is available for Amazon Linux 2, the enterprise platform for AWS EC2 cloud instances, which is also deployable as an on-site, off-cloud image.


Vulnerabilities affecting Linux Kernels were automatically patched by KernelCare without reboots in the last 2 years


KernelCare clients' servers on Amazon Linux 2 were automatically protected from the latest CVE-2019-8912 vulnerability

Your benefits with KernelCare

Maximum security & stability for your Linux servers

Enjoy best in class, enterprise-ready kernel updates, installed on live servers or in staging environments

Better & more cost-effective management of IT resources

Lower operating costs for server management by avoiding the routine of performing server updates

Happier users as their business-critical applications stay on

Run your business better by avoiding application downtime caused by kernel security updates
"We have come to consider KernelCare as an essential service. The downtime that reboots cause is a disruption for customers, and nuisance for admins, that can be easily avoided with KernelCare."
Joe Oesterling - Chief Technology Officer, Liquid Web
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