UPDATE as of August 28th: UEK version 4 is now also supported!

If you are running the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel (UEK), which is included as part of Oracle Linux, you already know that it is optimized for stability and security for enterprise cloud workloads. The UEK includes enhancements that benefit Oracle Database, middleware, applications and hardware. It is thoroughly tested and is recommended for all enterprise deployments. It powers the Oracle Cloud and the Oracle Engineered Systems.

KernelCare now supports automated security updates without reboots for the UEK version 3 (UEK3) for Oracle Linux 6 and 7. We are also planning to support UEK4 within the next few months (update as of August 28th: already supported). Our UEK enterprise customers can now benefit from a singular live patching solution that covers multiple Linux distributions.

KernelCare is the live Linux kernel security patching service. It keeps your servers stable, secure and compliant. Security kernel patches are monitored, downloaded and installed, fully automatically.

To learn more about UEK, visit oracle.com. To download KernelCare, or to try the full version free for 30 days, visit this page.

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