Live Patching for IoT Devices

Live Patching for IoT Devices

Told by Gartner

As told by Gartner, by 2020, more than 25% of identified attacks in enterprises will involve the IoT. What this means is that IoT devices with chips running on the Linux kernel need their security to be watertight. KernelCare has got you covered with Linux Kernel IoT devices live patching.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits

Maximum security & stability
for IoT devices
Cost-effective management of
IT resources
Happier users as their business-critical devices stay on

How does ARM kernel patching work?

How does kernel patching for IoT work?

Allocates kernel memory loads new, secure code into it
Momentarily pauses all process in a ‘safe’ mode
Modifies original functions and jumps to new secure code, ensuring old (vulnerable) code can never run
Unpauses all process and resumes

Try KernelCare rebootless security updates - FORM

Try KernelCare rebootless security updates

For Free

Current vulnerabilities gone in seconds
Bring your Linux kernels up-to-date with all security patches now, without a reboot.
Avoid downtime
No more reboots.
Run your Linux servers for years without restarting.
Never miss a critical patch
Automate your patch management process to stay up to date on all security patches, and avoid disastrous incidents.

Setting up the trial on IoT devices requires a customized approach.
Fill up the form and our engineers will reach out to you to customize your setup.

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