of respondents from a Ponemon Institute study say that timely patching could have prevented many data breaches.
30 days
This is a common requirement that software vulnerabilities must be mitigated within 30 days.
Right now, 99% of organisations patch the same way: By rebooting their servers.

Eliminate the vulnerability gap with Live Patching for Linux kernels and devices

Because rebooting large server fleets to apply kernel patches requires resources and service disruptions, organizations can only do it in pre-scheduled periodic maintenance windows. Which means patches aren’t applied as quickly as they could be. This gap between patch issue and patch application means risk, and also malpractice.

Resources about Live Patching Technology

the danger of kernel vulnerabilities and importance of live patching

The Danger of Kernel Vulnerabilities and Importance of Live Patching

IT Security team tends to delay rebooting & kernel patching for as long as possible, thinking that this process isn’t dangerous. But there is an easy way to automate this process.

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how to apply linux kernel patches 3 different ways

Explicit Guide on How to apply linux kernel patches - 3 different ways

There are 3 ways to apply Linux kernel security patches: on the command line, using ‘kexec’, and with live patching solutions.

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why you should automate linux kernel updates 1

Linux doesn't self-update - this is why you should automate Linux kernel updates

The major vendors support unattended updates, but kernel patches mean reboots. An unpatched kernel is a vulnerable one.

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rebooting your servers is making you insecure and noncompliant

Whitepaper: Rebooting your servers is making you insecure and noncompliant

Learn more about current approaches to kernel patching and ways to optimise your infrastructure patching routing.

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the distribution agnostic approach to live kernel patching

KernelCare: The Distribution-Agnostic Approach to Live Kernel Patching

Once you decide to switch from rebooting servers to live patching your Linux kernel, the decision remains: which provider is best for your server fleet?

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how kernelcares live patching can promote soc2 compliance and certification

How KernelCare's live patching can promote SOC2 Compliance and certification

This is your brief guide to what SOC 2 is, why it matters, and how KernelCare can help you with vulnerability management – a crucial component of SOC 2 compliance.

Download the whitepaper

Video tutorials and Webinars

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How KernelCare Works - in 90 seconds

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How KernelCare works - technical demonstration

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the importance of live patching for kernel vulnerabilities 1
Webinar Recording

The Importance of Live Patching for Kernel Vulnerabilities

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you need live patching to achieve soc 2 compliance
Webinar Recording

You need live patching to achieve SOC2 compliance

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live patching linux kernel vulnerabilities in scalable hosting environments
Webinar Recording

Live Patching in Scalable Hosting Environments

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linux kernel live patching in vmware cloud on aws 1
Webinar Recording

Linux Kernel Live Patching in VMware Cloud on AWS

Watch the recording

Case studies

efinity case study
Case Study

How Efinity Insurance became SOC2-compliant with KernelCare

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img resources home 2 1
Case Study

Global financial services company is using KernelCare to achieve SOC2 compliance

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affinity water logo 1
Case Study

Affinity water UK case study

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Rebooting Your Servers is Making You Insecure and Noncompliant

(and it’s a matter of time until you discover this the hardway)

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