KernelCare makes patching your Linux kernels simple

KernelCare makes patching your Linux kernels simple. It maintains your kernel security with automated, rebootless updates without any service interruption or degradation. It promptly delivers the latest security patches for different Linux distributions applied automatically to the running kernel in just nanoseconds. KernelCare works in both, live and staging environments, and for servers located behind the firewall, there is an ePortal to help you manage it.

For a complete list of supported kernels and patches, visit
Straightforward Pricing $2.25 per server per month for accounts with 500+ licenses.
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Ultimate Performance

No interruption to running applications, no vulnerable kernels, and no Admin hassle.

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    Cost Effective
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    Easy, Rebootless Installation
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    Works on Different Servers & Environments
  • Free up your IT team to focus on more strategic initiatives instead of patching kernels and doing server maintenance.
  • Avoid complicated planning of coordinated, scheduled downtime across business units and various IT departments and locations.
  • Lower operating costs for server management by avoiding the mundane tasks of performing server updates.
  • Get managed kernel security – we monitor security mailing lists so you don’t have to.
  • Avoid having to coordinate server reboots with your system users and customers.
  • Fast release of patches for new vulnerabilities in supported kernels.
  • Automatic checks for and application of new patches every four hours.
  • Rollback capability without rebooting with a single command.
  • Virtually no performance impact during updates (updates take nanoseconds)!
  • Install with a single line of code - takes just minutes to be up-to-date.
  • Works on typical servers as well as virtual environments.
  • Supports the most popular Linux distributions: custom kernel patching is also available.
  • Can run behind the firewall - KernelCare ePortal helps manage servers without internet access.
  • Supports automatic updates or managed updates in a live environment or in your desired staging environment.

Key Features

Safe Kernel. Safer Linux. Update with KernelCare.

Supports automatic updates or managed updates in a live environment or in your desired staging environment

Ensure maximum security with the prompt installation of security patches and updates; the agent checks for patches every four hours

Frequently asked questions

How can I test-drive KernelCare?

You can try KernelCare absolutely free for 7 days on an unlimited number of servers. After the trial period is over, you can purchase licenses through CloudLinux Network (CLN) by logging in to

Can I use a single KernelCare key to register multiple servers?

Yes. The KernelCare key can be used to deploy and register multiple servers at once. Visit this page to learn more.

What happens if I install KernelCare but my kernel is not supported?

If your kernel is not supported, KernelCare will detect it and will do nothing. There is no danger (but also no benefit) of running KernelCare on unsupported kernels. KernelCare will provide a message “Unsupported Kernel” when it doesn’t know anything about a particular kernel. See the list of supported kernels

Got any more questions? Visit the KernelCare FAQ page.

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