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Which Configuration Management (CM) Tool Should I Use? Spotlight on Puppet

Back in the nineties and early noughties, enterprises didn’t have to juggle too many servers. The rise of cloud computing has changed all that. Technologies like virtualization and containers now mean that the typical infrastructure is composed of many servers, hosting many applications.

As always, a sharp increase in scale makes it hard to maintain visibility and control. With the proliferation of servers within enterprise infrastructures, apps have sprung up to help IT professionals cope. These are usually referred to as Configuration Management (CM) or Remote Execution (RE) tools. These tools enable a process called infrastructure as code (IaC), in which an IT environment is represented via a programming language, and the tool automates the actions necessary to match the environment to this state. This can include actions like installing software, adding users, or partitioning storage devices.

There are four big players in this space: Puppet, Ansible, Chef, and SaltStack. Here’s a deep-dive into Puppet, the most popular option, which can be used for KernelCare mass deployment.