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Which Configuration Management (CM) Tool Should I Use? Spotlight on Ansible

IT infrastructure is moving to the cloud; VMs and containers are proliferating. There is a constant uptick in the amount of live applications, and all of them are hosted on servers. Today’s SysAdmins and DevOps teams have to manage a huge amount of servers; far more than they did even a few years ago. 

To deal with this technical challenge, Configuration Management (CM) and Remote Execution (RE) tools have been developed. CM and RE tools allow for the execution of tasks on multiple servers at once, and one-click app deployment. They do this through a process called infrastructure as code (IaC), in which an IT environment is represented via a programming language. 

Puppet, Ansible, Chef, and SaltStack are the big four in this tech space. (And all of them can be used to deploy KernelCare.) Here is the lowdown on Ansible.