The KernelCare Story Making Linux secure, stable, and profitable since 2009.

The team behind KernelCare monitors all security lists. As soon as a new vulnerability is discovered, the team creates a patch to combat it and performs hundreds of various test to ensure its highest quality. Those patches are then released to your servers and automatically applied. However, you also have the option to handpick which patches are installed. We are proud to say that most KernelCare patches are released even faster than they are made available in the update packages of Enterprise Linux systems. Because of our single focus on kernel security, we do it fast, and we do it well!

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KernelCare was developed by CloudLinux, the maker of the most secure and stable OS available for shared hosting providers. Founded in 2009 by industry veteran Igor Seletskiy, CloudLinux has set out on a mission to make Linux secure, stable, and profitable. Thousands of companies trust CloudLinux to power more than 20 million websites — and now you can trust KernelCare by CloudLinux to protect your Linux kernels.

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Our team combines 450+ man-years of in-depth technical knowledge of kernel development, web servers, and open source with unique client care expertise.

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Management Team

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Igor Seletskiy

CEO and Founder

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Jim Jackson

President and CRO

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Peter Bauert


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If you are passionate about new technology, then the KernelCare team is waiting for you!

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