Eliminating Service Interruptions & Non-Compliance Caused by System Reboots

On average, it takes 43 days to see a cyberattack once a patch is released for a critical or high priority vulnerability. Plus, only in 12% of cases, one team is fully responsible for patching a vulnerability - add at least 12 more days for the cooperative effort and search of that one genius guy.

KernelCare will take on most of the patching lifecycle tasks and complete them in four steps without system reboot.

Once this process is finished, KernelCare will fully protect the server's Linux kernels and shared libraries against all known attacks.

Allocates kernel memory loads new, secure code into it

Momentarily freezes all processes in a 'safe' mode

Modifies original functions and jumps to new secure code, ensuring old (vulnerable) code can never run

Unfreezes all processes and resumes

Live patching for Linux kernels & shared libraries, vulnerability scanners reporting & patch management assistance.

Perfect for medium & large enterprise companies (500+ servers).

Rebootless Linux Kernel Patching

Rebootless Glibc & OpenSSL patching

Private patch server for gated infrastructures - ePortal

Setup assistance with patch management & vulnerability assessment tools

Premium Support 24/7 via Live Chat

KernelCare Enterprise is a subscription with out-of-the-box integration with automation tools & vulnerability scanners, priority support, and a separate ePortal server.

It is specially tailored for companies with 1000+ servers.

Rebootless Linux Kernel Patching & Custom Patching

Private patch server for gated infrastructures - ePortal

Out-of-the-box integration with patch management & vulnerability assessment tools

Priority Support 24/7 via Live Chat, email, or ticket system

Rebootless Glibc & OpenSSL patching

Essential functions of automated Live patching for Linux kernels.

Perfect for hosting providers and small enterprise (up to 500 servers).

Rebootless Linux Kernel Patching

Support via Ticket System

Shared libraries patching

Private patch server for gated infrastructures - ePortal

Setup assistance with patch management & vulnerability assessment tools

Live patching for Linux kernels in Arm-based devices.

KernelCare for IoT protects devices with on-the-fly kernel updates. The pricing is custom-based and only provided after a POC stage.

Rebootless Linux Kernel Patching

Private patch server for gated infrastructures - ePortal

Custom patching set up solely for your embedded infrastructure

Support via ticket system

Rebootless Glibc & OpenSSL patching

KernelCare automates Linux kernel, shared libraries & IoT security patching without rebooting or downtime, fixing security vulnerabilities like Meltdown, Spectre, Zombieload & Heartbleed on 40+ multiple Linux distributions.

Enterprise Clients
Vulnerabilities Patched
Without Reboots
Linux Kernels

Updated without Interruptions
Linux Distributions

You Are In Good Company

1500+ Enterprise customers
already eliminated server reboots with KernelCare

  • Software/Hardware
  • IT/OT/Cybersecurity
  • Banking & Payment Processing
  • Utilities
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Non-Profit
  • Transportation/Logistics
  • Hosting
Achieved SOC2 Compliant status in 2 months after implementing KernelCare
Eliminated Downtime & Reboot Cycles while running a mix of Linux flavours and no chance to go offline
Rolled out KernelCare on 20,000 servers and stopped a rebooting hassle
  • We tested it, but to be honest, it wasn't very exciting - it 'just worked'.
    Andrzej Talarek, Java Developer at Efinity
  • We have come to consider KernelCare as an essential service. The downtime that reboots cause is a disruption for customers, and nuisance for admins, that can be easily avoided with KernelCare.
    Joe Oesterling, Chief Technology Officer at Liquid Web
  • Quick easy install, automatic - it runs in the background, my server is always up to date ... no downtime!
    Dean Suhr, President at MLD Foundation
  • We do not run EC2 instances without KernelCare because we think that this is fundamental to bring security and reliability to our company and customers.
    Alex Wojtowicz, Owner of Warpnet


  • What does KernelCare do?

    KernelCare is a service that provides automated kernel security updates to your running kernel alleviating the need to reboot the server. Learn more about the product for the enterprises.

  • How can I test-drive KernelCare?

    You can try KernelCare absolutely free for 7 days on an unlimited number of servers. After the trial period is over, you can purchase licenses through CloudLinux Network (CLN) by logging in to cln.cloudlinux.com.

  • How much does KernelCare cost?

    Prices start at $2.25 per month per server. You can find details on our pricing page.

  • How can I buy KernelCare?

    Visit KernelCare shopping cart here. If you have any questions, please write to [email protected]

Put an End to

Server reboots and service restarts are making you non-compliant, and it is a matter of time you discover it the hard way.

KernelCare will apply Linux kernel and Shared Libraries updates without a reboot, reducing typical Patch Cycle Tasks by 60%!

Or Purchase KernelCare Right Away
you can only purchase KernelCare Base and KernelCare+ from the website. To buy KernelCare Enterprise and KernelCare for IoT - send us a message

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