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Keep Linux kernels live-patched and running without rebooting

KernelCare, the world’s finest defender of Linux kernels, puts an end to rebooting servers. When you don’t have to reboot, you aren’t hampered by the patch delays created by reboot cycles. KernelCare eliminates the need for staying up at night to deliver patch updates or coordinating downtime with your business units and various IT departments and locations.

We ensure that every single security patch is applied the right way, keeping you secure and compliant.

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Live-Patching Keeps You Secure and Compliant

Kernel updates are extremely important for the security and compliance of your Linux systems including CentOS, Amazon Linux, RHEL, Ubuntu, Debian, and others. Vulnerabilities can expose servers to malicious intent. However, rebooting servers to apply kernel updates can be frustrating for your IT department.

Staying up at night to deliver patch updates, worrying about the servers not booting up, coordinating maintenance windows with business units often delay Linux kernel security patching, leaving your infrastructure vulnerable and non-compliant. Learn more about KernelCare on the Product page or try KernelCare for 7 days.

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KernelCare Features & Benefits

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Supported Kernel List

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per server per month for accounts with 500+ licenses.

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Quick Guides to KernelCare Patching, Security and Compliance.

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KernelCare Resources

Rebooting Servers is Making You Noncompliant

Learn how KernelCare ensures no downtime, no service interruptions or packet drops

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Case Studies

KernelCare Clients
in Review

Learn how KernelCare ensures no downtime for enterprise clients all over the world.

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Year in Review

All you need to know about KernelCare in one beautiful infographic.

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KernelCare Blog

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How to Apply Linux Kernel Security Patches: 3 Different Ways

Linux kernel updates are a fact of life–as dull as taxes and only slightly less inconvenient than death.

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Buy KernelCare with a Discount in CentOS® 6 ELS Bundle

KernelCare is now available with a 15% discount as part of a package with CloudLinux’s extended lifecycle support (ELS)* for CentOS® 6.

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Security Updates of Shared Libraries Without Restarts With KernelCare+

At 10 am EST on Thursday, 3 September 2020, we’ll be conducting a live webinar on how to update shared libraries without restarts, using KernelCare+.

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