• Rebootless Kernel Updates

    Rebootless Kernel Updates

    Rebooting server is a pain. It is often scheduled for the darkest of night. It requires minutes of downtime, and it can take up to 15 minutes for the server performance to stabilize, and caches to warm up. This is not something you want to do often.

  • No more sleepless nights

    No more sleepless nights

    Linux servers have to be rebooted quite often to update security issues that pop up in the kernel. Such reboots usually need to be done late at night to ensure the least impact on end users - but stressing sys admins and adding significant costs.

  • Centos

  • Live, automated kernel patching, without reboots

    With KernelCare all security kernel updates are applied automatically as soon as the patch is available without the need for a reboot.

  • Delivers latest security and stability upgrades

    KernelCare runs a check for the availability of new patches every 4 hours. It downloads and applies all patches automatically.

  •     Takes minutes to install

    Installation is simple, and doesn’t require rebooting.

Rebootless Kernel Updates

  • Save time, updates are automated

    Automated updates prevent server administrators from having to stay up late at night to schedule reboots to complete kernel patching.

  • Prevent security incidents

    KernelCare agent residing on your server periodically check in with our distribution servers. If there are new patches available for the currently running kernel, it will download it - and apply it to the running kernel, making the kernel secure again.

  • Avoid downtime

    KernelCare provides a service that will patch security vulnerabilities inside the running kernel - without any downtime or service interruption.

  • No reboots

    System administrators have to reboot the server to apply the latest kernel updates, which come out every one to two months. KernelCare solves this update and reboot issue by providing live kernel patching without the need for the reboot.

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KernelCare technology can generate binary patches for some very complex kernel changes, including changes in kernel modules and kernel data structures. It can patch any kernel level vulnerability, so server operators no longer have to think about kernel updates.

  • Minutes to setup
  • Prompt patches roll out
  • No performance impact
  • Ability to roll back changes
  • Supports CentOS/RHEL 5, 6, 7, CloudLinux 5, 6, OpenVZ, Virtuozzo, PCS, Ubuntu and Debian.

Pricing: $3.95 / server / month  Buy Now

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